The brand NANCY JOHNSON was launched in 1980. I served as President and  Design Director of my own wholesale fashion company know for vintage  inspired, romantic womens clothing. With over 2500 stores, my clients  included elite stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Nieman Marcus, Lord and  Taylor, Talbots, Bloomingdales,and Dillard's. In many flagship stores, I  had my own signature NANCY JOHNSON "Woman with a Past" free standing  boutiques, including Harrod's, London, Saks, Beverly Hills and Marshall  Field, Chicago.

In 2000, I changed course and began to pursue a lifelong passion for  design and beauty in the complimentary field of gemstones and jewelry. I  love both the "fashion statement" giant gems, and the tiny stones that  sparkle with all the bright colors of the sea and fire and earth. I  spend two months a year in India and the Orient sourcing the raw  materials. These jewels are cut and combined together with an eye for  style and beauty, and utilizing the intricate skills of Indian master  silversmiths and gem carvers.

I string much of the jewelry in my California studio. I also supervise  several artisans and stringers in India to create some of the necklaces  and to cast my designer signature clasps and other pieces. Shop members  include: Tikam A, Harvinder S, and Alok C, and stringers Ashok and  Vinay. And some late nights in California,my hubbie, David B, and best  girl Lori, are very handy with silverwork and various small business  operations.

We all love our work and are dedicated to making the most beautiful,  unique, original jewelry for you to enjoy and treasure forever.